Innovative solutions
for innovative companies

Open to progress
with a new way of managing
the processes in the company.
Top-level efficiency.

IoT Management

Complete management of Big Data in a single space.


The effectiveness of the IoT in tailor-made solutions for agriculture.

Industrial Monitoring Solution

Total control of all industrial assets.

Traceability on Blockchain

Authentic traceability

for food business

Based on BLOCKCHAIN framework and a set of multi-platform apps.

Communicate value, protect your business
Blitzy is transparency

Tell the story of your product from the origin in a verifiable and transparent way. Enhance traceability at the highest level.

Blitzy is tailor-made

Each blockchain solution is designed and developed based on your needs, based on the number of transactions and / or products to be managed.

Blitzy protects value

Build trust in your brand by sharing verified information. Thus it discourages counterfeiting and fraud.

Blitzy rules accessibility

With the Blitzy App, each user accesses the transaction log. You choose the level of information to share according to the objectives.