IoT Management

IoT (Internet of Things) platform for device management, data collection, information processing and display.
4SENS allows you to connect IoT objects of heterogeneous origin.

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What 4SENS can do for you

Solution for the advanced management of Big Data and for the management of heterogeneous IoT systems. It allows you to organize, process and view all the collected data in a single space. DON’T LOSE ANY DATA! Big Data is precious for knowing everything about your production processes and making the most targeted decisions.
4SENS also checks the efficiency of the sensors so that your systems are always up to your needs!

Big Data Management

Sensors Management

Alert System

The Strenghts

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Technical features

4SENS is an IoT object management tool to support the decisions that must be taken every day in the company to maintain competitiveness and profitability. Scalability, fault tolerance and guaranteed performance so you never lose your data.


Automation based on pre-set rules. It is possible to define the chain of rules for data processing. 4SENS transforms and normalizes the data of your devices. Generates alarms on incoming telemetry events, updates attributes, verifies device operation and user actions.

Different sources and third-party devices

Data integration from heterogeneous sources. Device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols: MQTT, CoAP and HTTP.

Data retention

Relationship management between yours devices, resources, clients or any other entity, all stored in a robust and secure database.


IoT objects are added day by day. To face this daily challenge we have relied on cluster technology and to achieve maximum scalability and fault tolerance we have combined it with the new microservices architecture. For small businesses it is possible to install 4SENS on local servers or cloud services.


Performance and fault tolerance. 4SENS interfaces, monitors and controls your IoT devices securely using a vast set of APIs..

How 4SENS works