Agritech solution

Solution for the IoT management of agricultural production activities, divided into dedicated verticals, from the vineyard to all types of agriculture.

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What 4FARM can do for you

It allows you to make the best use of sensor data in the field, cellar, silos in order to manage pathogens, productivity, irrigation and fertilization also through actuators.

Improve the yield in the field

Pathogen management

Water and farm workloads management

The strenghts

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Technical features

This is why 4 FARM is a valid scientific support for the grower’s decisions.


"Site-specific" algorithms.

Smart tool

Centralized system of lifelong learning..


Automation based on preset rules.

Real needs

Tools to target actions in the field to the real needs of the plant.

Prediction and alert

Forecasting system of fungal diseases.

How 4FARM works